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Senior Pet Care

Pets experience the same effects of aging as humans do. Movement becomes restricted, they have less energy, and are more prone to illness and injury. Being in a condition like this makes them more prone to having health problems, which is why it is essential to bring in your senior pets more often so that we can carefully monitor their health.

Senior Pet Examinations

For all senior pets, we recommend a physical check-up twice annually. This allows us to keep a closer eye on potential problems that your pet may have and ensures that they live their golden years as comfortably as possible.

Signs of age-related illnesses can be extremely hard to detect as pets are masters of masking pain or discomfort. To help with detecting such illnesses, our medical team recommends a few tests that can help catch diseases early.

  • Digital radiography captures images of the internal structures of the patient, which can show abnormalities and signs of illness and injury.
  • Urinalysis can detect urinary tract infections, chemical imbalances, diabetes, and liver disease.
  • Blood work helps us detect disease-related illnesses such as kidney disease, endocrine diseases, and liver disease.
  • Tonometry is a screening test for glaucoma, which is very common among older pets.

As a senior pet caregiver, you know your pet the best. If you notice any changes in eating, behavior, or mood, please call to make an appointment with one of our veterinarians.

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